Ever since Hip Hop hit the shores of Northern Europe, a young and eager Deams was there. Dipping into all four elements of Hip Hop, he soon discovered the mic was his weapon of choice. From that moment on he won every rap battle he entered in Holland. The nationwide credibility he earned as a result caught the attention of promoters. This lead Deams to share stages with major US artists. Pioneers in the game, such as LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Ice T, Big Daddy Kane, De La Soul, and many more. He went on to perform internationally, reaching cities like New York, Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Ljubliana, Casablanca to name a few.

After developing a taste for touring and performing on big stages, Deams decided to make his first record, ‘Dope/Demes Shuffle’ with DJ All Star Fresh. The record took off and made him the first Dutch Hip Hop artist to perform in New York. This landed him a promo-feature in the leading Hip Hop magazine of that time, The Source. After his show in New York he met Guru and DJ Premier who showed immediate interest in his skills. The result was another landmark in Dutch Hip Hop history: Deams signed with Gang Starr Productions.

Some of the biggest Hip Hop legends featured on his EP ‘The Legacy’, strapped with the force they’re legendary for. None other than Big Daddy Kane, Chuck D, De La Soul, Ice-T, Jeru the Damaja and DJ Premier drop their skills on the record. Their heavyweight rhymes are matched by Deams’ own rough-as-ever here-and-now flows to solid beats. Mixing videos and images of the recorded contributions of these legends in his live shows, he pushes forward a never seen before style of performance while staying true to his hardcore style. Deams has no trouble balancing innovation with his own deeply rooted mode.

From landmarks and milestones to right now. Deams, still eager and armed with experience, is trodding his own Hip Hop road. As an independent force, he’s unfazed by today’s music industry that demands continuous output. Claiming time for experience and reflection, he only comes out when he actually has something to say. A refreshing work ethic that results in a timeless repertoire in progress: ready for future followers, respected by both fan base and peers.